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Trigger Protect Custom Kydex Holsters

Safely Protecting Your Trigger from Accidental Discharge

Trigger Protect Custom Kydex Holsters

Full Description

Why would you need to safely protect your trigger? There have been many cases of people shooting their self in the leg or buttocks when re-holstering their pistol. You can do a google search for “Glock Leg” and read about 100’s of people who shot their leg. I like Glocks and I sell Glock Holsters that adds safety to the Glock Pistols. What usually causes this is something getting hung in the trigger guard and pulling the trigger like a t-shirt, a piece of leather, etc… Our holster is designed for the user to holster the gun and then put the holstered gun into the waistband or pocket. The standard holster design is to wear the holster and then place the gun in the holster next to the body without the trigger being protected. With this added safety of protecting your trigger from accidental discharge you also have less bulkiness of the standard holsters adding to the comfort of concealed carry for people looking for a safe minimum design holster.









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